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Monday, May 1


8:00am CDT

AI for the IT Pro – Practical Everyday Solutions TBDDonnie Taylor • Nathan Ziehnert Automated Controls in Automation TBDJeff Scripter • Ryan Ephgrave Azure Arc: Deliver Proven Governance, Security, and Monitoring at Virtually No Cost! TBDSteve Buchanan • John Joyner Building Your First Logic Apps Connector TBDGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor GPT - Your AI Scripting Buddy TBDMerlijn Van Waeyenberghe • Ryan Ephgrave Hidden Secrets of the PowerShell Masters TBDJeff Scripter • Nathan Ziehnert Infrastructure as Code - Use Azure Compute Gallery to Build Azure VM’s TBDChris Cavazos • Travis Roberts Microsoft & Automation: Cameron Fuller Unleashed & Unfiltered TBDCameron Fuller • John Joyner Microsoft Automation Tools - Understanding Your Options TBDGreg Ramsey • Donnie Taylor PowerShell Power-Up TBDScott Corio • Nathan Ziehnert PowerShell Primer TBDJordan Benzing • Scott Corio PowerShell, PowerFull TBDJeff Scripter • Scott Corio Wait, You Can Automate That?! TBDRyan Ephgrave Ask the Experts: Everything You Want to Know About Azure Arc TBDSteve Buchanan • Kristopher Turner • Donnie Taylor • John Joyner • Scott Corio • Rod Trent Automating the Home Office TBDDonna Ryan Azure Beer Ops TBDDonnie Taylor • Scott Corio • Nathan Ziehnert Azure for You – Solving Petty Problems With the Cloud TBDNathan Ziehnert • Andrew Johnson The MMS 2023 Jeopardy Quiz Show TBDKim Oppalfens • Kent Agerlund Tips & Tricks Showcase TBDBenjamin Reynolds A Hitchhikers Guide to Community Tools TBDJörgen Nilsson • Kent Agerlund Are On-Prem Management Tools Replaceable with Cloud Solutions? TBDCameron Fuller • Kristopher Turner • Steve Beaumont Can Configmgr Play the Role of Automations Orchestrator? TBDGeorge Simos • Ilias Markelis CM to the Cloud! TBDAngie Stahl • David James Config Items & Proactive Remediations - Managing Drift TBDGary Blok • Mark Godfrey ConfigMgr - Past, Present and Future TBDDavid James ConfigMgr Internals Understanding How the Site Server Works TBDJustin Chalfant • Cody Mathis Does Intune MAM Drive You Crazy? Lessons Learned! TBDKenny Buntinx • Ben Whitmore Fully automate your Win32 application packaging in Intune TBDNickolaj Andersen • Mattias Melkersen Get Winning With Winget Private Repositories TBDMerlijn Van Waeyenberghe • Jason Sandys Hacking the Task Sequence 2023 TBDMike Terrill • Andreas Hammarskjold Intune & Cloud Integrated ConfigMgr (Operational Benefits) TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef Intune & Cloud Integrated ConfigMgr (Setup) TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef Intune and Non-Windows Platforms Better Together? TBDTim De Keukelaere • Peter Daalmans Intune Assignments, Grouping, Reporting, Filters and More TBDScott Duffey Intune Certificate Management TBDRichard Hicks • Kenny Buntinx Intune Device Management Beyond Windows TBDSteven Hosking • Harjit Dhaliwal Intune for the Configmgr Admin: Things I Wish I Had Known TBDMike Marable • Maurice Daly Intune in Real Life - Tales from the In-House Admin and the Consultant TBDMike Marable • Maurice Daly Intune Policy, Past, Present and Future TBDMike Danoski • Matt Call Intune Proactive Remediation - The Top 10 Remediations Every Administrator Should Have TBDSteve Beaumont • David Brook Manage Apps and Data, Not Devices! TBDTim De Keukelaere • Peter Daalmans Microsoft Store in Intune and Advanced App Management TBDJason Githens • Jason Sandys Migrating to Intune, and Making Happy Customers and IT Admins – Notes From the Field TBDMirko Colemberg • Greg Ramsey Modern Driver and BIOS Management TBDJohan Arwidmark • Maurice Daly Our Journey to Intune: How We Moved Our Org to the Cloud (Mostly) TBDSteven Hosking • Kent Agerlund • Adam Gross Stop Syncing and Love the Certificate TBDMattias Melkersen • Rudy Ooms The Evolving Windows Apps Story TBDPeter Daalmans • Jason Sandys The Microsoft Driver and Firmware Story From Toe To Tip TBDNathan Ziehnert • Mark Godfrey • Bryan Dam • Angie Chen MMS Discord Unleashed TBDHarjit Dhaliwal • Scott Corio • Jordan Benzing Microsoft & Monitoring: Unleashed & Unfiltered TBDCameron Fuller • Steve Beaumont Use the New Logs Ingestion API To Send Custom Data to Azure Monitor TBDAaron Miller • Brian Wren 10 Tips To Succeed With Your Autopilot Setup TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Sandy Zeng Cloud Imaging - 2023 Edition TBDAndrew Johnson • Johan Arwidmark Supercharging MDT: The PSD Dev Diaries! TBDGeorge Simos • Ilias Markelis Task Sequences - Back to the Basics TBDGary Blok • Mike Terrill Windows Autopilot: Into the Weeds TBDMichael Niehaus • Rudy Ooms Windows Provisioning Packages | PPKG TBDAndrew Johnson • David Segura Advanced SQL Queries TBDBenjamin Reynolds • Sherry Kissinger CM Reporting Tips and Tricks: SQL and SSRS TBDSherry Kissinger • Cody Mathis Deep Dive into Graph API and Intune TBDSandy Zeng • Nickolaj Andersen Endpoint Analytics TBDPanu Saukko • Merlijn Van Waeyenberghe Getting Started With Power BI TBDAaron Miller • Steve Jesok • Benjamin Reynolds Intune Reporting – How Microsoft Reports on Intune TBDAaron Miller • Benjamin Reynolds Intune Reporting – Kusto FTW TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Maurice Daly Intune Your Data Analysis Skills with Power BI TBDSteve Beaumont • David Brook Save Azure Monitoring Cost Using Transformations TBDKristopher Turner • Brian Wren What You Need To Know About Intune Reporting TBDBenjamin Reynolds • Jordan Benzing "DevOps" for Desktop TBDKyle Weeks • Nathan Ziehnert AAD Auth Beyond User Auth TBDSteven Hosking • Ben Reader AAD Joined until You Can’t TBDMaurice Daly • Steven Hosking • Adam Gross Activate All Your M365 E5 Security Benefits: Maximize Use of All the Defender Products TBDJohn Joyner • Rod Trent Always On VPN and Intune: Notes from the Field TBDScott Duffey • Richard Hicks AMSI & CLM: Acronyms That Stop PowerShell Attacks TBDSergey Chubarov • Rod Trent Attack Surface Reduction Rules TBDKenny Buntinx • David Brook Building a More Threat Resistant Windows Client TBDJörgen Nilsson • Kent Agerlund Endpoint Protection Using Zero Trust Principles TBDSteve Jesok • Rod Trent Enterprise Access Model - Intro to Privileged Access Workstations TBDThomas Kurth • Mirko Colemberg Enterprise Access Model Demystified for Endpoint Engineers TBDThomas Kurth • Mirko Colemberg Hack the Domain With Your Favorite Management Tool TBDSergey Chubarov • Rod Trent How To Leverage DevOps for Endpoint Management? TBDThomas Kurth • Mirko Colemberg Managing privileges with Cloud LAPS and Endpoint Privilege Management TBDMatt Call Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Evasion. The Story of Confirmed Vulnerability TBDChris Cavazos • Sergey Chubarov Migrating off GPOs TBDMattias Melkersen • Rudy Ooms Modernizing Your SOC Using Microsoft Sentinel TBDJohn Joyner • Rod Trent PowerShell MSAL: Everything You Need to Know About Authenticating to Azure Resources TBDBen Reader • Ben Whitmore Secure Automation for Your Intune Devices TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Nickolaj Andersen Securing Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Servers Using Azure Arc TBDSteve Buchanan • Kristopher Turner Simplify Your Workplace Processes with Microsoft Entra TBDPeter Daalmans • Thomas Kurth So, You Want to Govern the Cloud... At Scale? TBDKyle Weeks • Travis Roberts Stop Logging into Your Servers! The Pros Cons of Windows Admin Center TBDJordan Benzing • Ben Reader TPM Provisioning and Management TBDGary Blok • Mike Terrill User Lifecycle Governance in Azure AD TBDJan Ketil Skanke • Sandy Zeng Windows Defender Application Control for Applocker Admins TBDKim Oppalfens • Tom Degreef Windows: A Quick Tour of the Subsystems You Use Every Day TBDJeff Scripter • Cody Mathis Adaptiva: Practitioner Panel: Practical Ways to Manage Risk and Security Compliance in an Ever-Changing Environment TBDKeith Klockenga • Michael Rall • David Sowder • Matt Wreede • Adaptiva HP: Tools and Services for the Enterprise TBDGary Blok • Mark Godfrey • David Segura • Nathan Ziehnert • Dan Felman • Nathan Kofahl • Troy Martin • HP Microsoft: Advanced Management Solutions for Microsoft Intune TBDSteve Dispensa • Matt Call Patch My PC: Automate Third-Party App Management With Patch My PC and a Super Secret Announcement TBDDavid James • Justin Chalfant • Patch My PC A Deep Dive Into Windows Autopatch TBDTim De Keukelaere • Adam Nichols Notes From the Field: Windows Autopatch TBDSteven Hosking • Adam Nichols Optimizing WSUS - Common Issues TBDBen Whitmore • Scott McAllister Patching – A Brief and Magical Guide TBDAria Carley • Adam Nichols Windows Update Deployment Service Including Drivers and Firmware TBDJason Githens • Jason Sandys Windows Update: Best User Experience or Greatest User Experience? You Decide! TBDBryan Dam • Aria Carley WUfB Deployment Service: How Far Down Does the Rabbit Hole Go? TBDBryan Dam • Angie Chen Customizing Windows 11 – Yes Still Necessary! TBDJörgen Nilsson • Andrew Johnson Delivery Optimization Boot Camp TBDPhil Wilcock • Andreas Hammarskjold Firehose of Free Microsoft Resources TBDHarjit Dhaliwal Getting Started With Azure Virtual Desktop TBDChris Cavazos • Travis Roberts How Windows 365 Takes End-User Experiences to Another Level! TBDChristiaan Brinkhoff • Donna Ryan Kiosks and Digital Displays: Windows vs. Everything Else TBDMichael Niehaus • Panu Saukko Managing Windows 10/11 Multi-Session With Intune TBDChris Cavazos • Travis Roberts Microsoft BranchCache - The Future of Content Distribution TBDPhil Wilcock • Andreas Hammarskjold Networking State of the Union – AMA TBDDaniel Havey • Andreas Hammarskjold OSDCloud Complete Edition TBDDavid Segura • Mike Marable Upgrading to Windows 11 – Notes from the Field TBDMichael Niehaus • Johan Arwidmark What’s New With Windows and Windows 365 – Inside Scoop Into the Future TBDChristiaan Brinkhoff • Donna Ryan Windows 11 - Anything That Will Convince You to Deploy It? TBDMichael Niehaus • Harjit Dhaliwal Windows 365 Accelerator Deep-Dive TBDDonna Ryan • Christiaan Brinkhoff
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